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Starting Off On The Right Paw: Some Essentials Part 2

There are so many options to decide on for accessories, toys and necessities for your new dog. When you walk into the pet store it can be very overwhelming. During the process of writing this article, my wife had the movie Turner and Hooch on one day. Have you seen it? Tom Hanks, has to take care of this massive dog (Dogue de Bordeaux or French mastiff) and there is a section in the movie where he fills an entire grocery cart with products needed for the dog. In the first part of this article posting I started the list of helpful items on my list. I will continue with a few more that I find essential. Your dog should have a bed of its own. Or a place in the home designed for them in mind. If you practice early and consistent training your dog will learn that that...
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The Retractable Leash Debate: Pros, Cons and Truth

Dog trainers hate them, pet lovers can’t imagine life without them. The retractable leash has been a hot topic of debate among dog owners for quite some time. When this product was first released into the market, the idea was to provide a way for dogs to gain a little more freedom and exercise while on a typical walk with their human family. The top brand names in the pet industry were releasing their own versions of the item, and while many owners love giving their dog that ability to walk off the trail to get a sniff that they would not have been able to on a normal flat leash, some people and pets have been greatly injured by these items. The Pros The original idea of the retractable leash still provides the benefits it was meant to give owners and their dogs. An easy to hold plastic, or...
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Starting Off On The Right Paw: An Adjustable Harness

You have gone and picked out your newest member of your family, congratulations! Now your puppy or mature dog will need some essentials before you pick them up for your journey home. The basics of bringing home a loyal four-legged friend: collar, leash and food bowl. No, I have not forgotten dog food either. That topic alone could have its own series of articles. As a dog owner, I would like to encourage anyone who has a small to medium sized breed to consider a harness in place of or in addition to a collar. There are a number of dog breeds that a collar is sufficient to hold them securely. Then there are some dogs that can slip a collar on occasion when they get excited and start wiggling around. For these dogs, I recommend a harness arrangement. My wife and I have found that our Beagles have adapted...
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Dog Seat Belt Review- Solvit Canine Safety Harness

Imagine this scenario- you let your dog get into the front seat of your car unrestrained, and head on out. On your way to your destination, you get into an accident. This is where things start to get tricky- depending on the severity of your accident, any number of things could happen. In the best case scenario, nothing happens, and you and your pet are totally fine. Worst case scenario, your pet could become loose on a major highway, become severely injured, or worse be killed. When driving your dog anywhere, you need to be prepared for any scenario as you never know what could happen, and having an unrestrained dog is not safe for you and your pet. First and foremost, your pet should always be in the back seat. Just like with small children, the front seat is the most dangerous place for your dog to be. There...
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My Top Picks for a Dog Proof Trash Can

dog gets intot he trash
My large dog like most others love garbage and it would drive me crazy to have trash all over the ground every time I walked in the kitchen. It seemed like our puppy would hit the garbage every time I would turn my back. We ended up putting our trash can in the garage for almost a year before I broke down and figured there had to be a better solution. I was amazed when doing research on dog proof trash cans that there were not as many options as I though there would be. So to save you time, I wanted to list the dog proof trash can that we selected and a list of other top cans out there. Your Choices Simplehuman The simplehuman 50 liter/13 gallon trash can is the one we picked for our house. To be honest, the reason we picked this one over the...
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