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Is a Whippet Right for You?

Whippets, which were originally bred from Greyhounds that were deemed too small to hunt large game, are known for their lightning fast speeds.  First used for hunting small game and later for racing, Whippets have a colorful history.  Is a Whippet right for you? Temperament Whippets are quiet and gentle dogs that are not prone to barking.  Despite their athletic nature they are perfectly content as couch potatoes and lap dogs.  The American Kennel Club describes the Whippet as a dignified breed, and for these reasons it makes an excellent apartment dog.  Whippets can be touch-sensitive, meaning they may startle if touched unexpectedly. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep As a medium-sized dog the Whippet stands 17.5 – 22.5 inches tall at the shoulder and should weigh 20 – 42 lbs, depending on height and sex.  The Whippet’s color is deemed “immaterial,” meaning it is unimportant for breed recognition.  Indeed, there are...
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