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Product Review: You & Me Portable Canvas Crate

When traveling by car, a crate is the safest option for your pet.  However, hard-sided crates do not always conveniently fit inside vehicles, and can be difficult to transport.  A soft-sided crate, such as the You & Me Portable Canvas Crate, can make life easier. The You & Me Portable Canvas Crate is available in 3 sizes:  small (24’’), medium (30’’), and large (36’’).  The small crate is the perfect size for a 30 lb dog.  The crate is collapsible and has a carrying case, which makes travel especially convenient.  Three sides of the crate have zippered openings, including the top, which allows for your dog’s unique needs to be met.  A large pocket on the crate’s exterior is perfect for holding vet records, a leash, a water bottle, or other items.  In addition, the crate walls are partialy made of mesh, which provide breathability as well as visibility for...
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