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Which Dog Trainer Should I Choose?

Now-a-days, it is as easy to find a dog trainer, as it is to find a McDonald’s. They’re everywhere and the number of dog behavior related professionals keeps growing. We can find Facebook pages, websites, ads on the local newspaper and several business cards being displayed at veterinary clinics and hospitals. Since the prevalence of behavioral problems in dogs seems to be increasing, this could be a good thing. When the demand increases, so should the offer. However, the problem lies on the lack of legislation and certification when it comes to animal behavior professionals. Dog training isn’t a regulated profession. Legally, it doesn’t exist. As a consequence, anyone can wake up in the morning and decide to start working as a dog trainer; no one will force you to study, to become a certified professional or to be evaluated. And, unfortunately, most dog trainers aren’t adequately educated professionals and...
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