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Caring for a Dog Post-Surgery

After a dog has surgery – whether for a routine procedure or an emergency – there is a level of care that must be taken to ensure your dog does not have complications.  Here, everything a pet owner should know about caring for a dog after surgery will be discussed. Types of Surgery Dogs require surgery for a variety of reasons.  Surgeries range from minimally to highly invasive.  Types of surgery include: Spay / Neuter Orthopedic Cardiovascular Tumor Removal Gastric Wound Repair The more invasive the surgery, the greater the risk of infection.  For instance, a neuter has fewer complications than a spay.  Additionally, a dog bite carries the greatest risk of infection because of bacteria introduced from the other animal’s mouth. Wound-Closing Methods There are many different types of wound-closing methods, each of which has advantages, disadvantages, and care requirements.  The most common wound-closing methods are: Absorbable Stitches Absorbable...
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