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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

Although winter seems to have only ended a few short weeks ago, the dog-days of summer are already here.  As the weather warms up, it is imperative to keep your dog’s core body temperature cool.  Every year, thousands of dogs are hospitalized due to complications from heat stroke, which occurs at alarming rates in canines due to their inability to cool themselves.  Listed here are ways to keep your dog cool this summer. Kiddie/Dog Pool One of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep your dog cool in the summer is to invest in an inexpensive kiddie or dog pool to keep in your backyard.  By filling the kiddie pool with cool water and placing it in the shade, your dog will always have a cool spot to retreat if overheating.  While it is never recommended to leave your dog in your yard unattended, this method is especially useful for...
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