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How to Prevent Your Dog from Being Lost or Stolen

Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is to have a beloved pup be lost or stolen.  However, in many cases there are ways to prevent these occurrences.  The following are tips for decreasing the chances of your dog being lost or stolen. Never Leave Your Pet Unattended One of the main reasons dogs are lost or stolen is because they were left without supervision.  If you have a fenced-in yard, your dog may find a way to climb over, dig under, or even go through a fence; especially if something intriguing is on the other side.  Electronic fences can malfunction, and tie-outs can break.  A dog left alone in a yard can also be tempting for thieves, particularly if your dog is a rare or expensive breed.  If dog fighting is common in your area, any breed of dog may be at risk. Commonly, people leave their dogs in their car;...
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