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Dealing With Dog Diseases

Dogs are likely to catch certain dangerous diseases, and these if not treated immediately, may cause further health problems. The key is that owners take responsibility of addressing the disease in time so that necessary steps can be taken to eradicate the disease as soon as possible. Admittedly, a disease-free dog is one which is healthy and active! Canine distemper is caused by an extremely contagious virus through tiny particles present in the air or respiratory secretions of infected dogs. Such infected dogs usually develop watery eyes, fever, runny nose, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Such a disease, if not attended to within the timeline, may even become fatal. However, there is an effective vaccine available now to protect your dog from this deadly disease, which is considered a “core” vaccine and thus applicable to every dog! Canine influenza is another common disease found in dogs, and is caused through respiratory...
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Can Dogs Catch a Cold or The Flu

Although you can catch a cold or the flu at any time of the year, we see it so much more during the cold winter months. This is because while it is cold outside, we like to keep ourselves nice and warm inside. But being inside so much means we are breathing the same air constantly, and are not able to get away from the germs that are going to make us sick. While you expect that members of your human family would get sick, did you know that it could also be your dog that comes down with either of these illnesses? The short answer is yes- your dog can catch a cold or the flu (also known as canine influenza virus, or CIV). Although some viruses, parasites, and bacteria can cross from one species to the next, when it comes to cold and flu viruses you do not...
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