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Service Dog Etiquette

For dog lovers, resisting the urge to interact with a service animal can be extremely difficult.  However, distracting a service dog from its job can put the animal’s handler in danger.  Listed below are 9 rules of etiquette that people should follow when encountering a service dog in public.  Do Not Distract a Service Dog When a service dog is in a public facility wearing a vest or other indication that he or she is a service dog, you should always assume the dog is on duty.  Distracting the dog in any manner prevents the dog from providing the handler its undivided attention.  As a result, the dog may miss subtle cues that are important for the dog to perform its job.  Ultimately, service dogs are medical devices.  If you would not tamper with a diabetic person’s glucose monitor, you should never inhibit a person’s service dog. Do Not Touch...
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