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20 Tips on Helping Your Dog with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common problem for dogs, particularly among certain breeds.  While separation anxiety is one of the more difficult problems to overcome – and indeed is a top reason why animals are re-homed – it can be addressed with patience and training.  Listed here are 20 tips for helping your dog with separation anxiety. What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a mental / emotional disorder that results when a dog is separated from a favorite human.  Oftentimes, separation anxiety is confused with isolation anxiety, in which a dog simply cannot tolerate being left alone.  True separation anxiety is far less common than isolation anxiety; however, the two terms are typically used interchangeably. Symptoms of Separation / Isolation Anxiety Dogs that suffer from separation or isolation anxiety generally show similar symptoms.  Telltale signs of these disorders include: escape attempts excessive scratching and destruction near exits and doorways urinating...
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