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The ‘Ouch’ Years: Tips for Improving Your Senior Dog’s Mobility

There’s more than a few more grey hairs on his muzzle, and he sleeps twice the hours in the day that he used to do; it’s safe to say that your dog is definitely entering his golden years. Although our canine companions still have the same enthusiasm for life, there comes a point in every dog’s life when their body says ‘not now’ when they want to chase that ball or sprint after a squirrel. It’s pretty common for our dog’s joints to develop arthritic changes as they age, and along with a trend towards muscle wasting as they become less active, many dog lovers notice that their pooches lose a significant amount of mobility and flexibility too. Because our dogs can’t actually tell us how they’re feeling, their behavior speaks for them. Pain may be obviously apparent; maybe it hurts to bend down to the floor to their bowl,...
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