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Common Reasons Owners Rehome Their Dogs

The number of dogs relinquished to animal shelters or rehomed through sites such as Craigslist is staggering.  Even worse, many of the dogs that do get adopted wind up bouncing from home to home until one sticks.  Many adopters have unrealistic expectations regarding canine ownership.  Listed here are the most common reasons owners rehome their pets. Breed Specific Legislation Unfortunately, many areas in the United States, Canada, and Europe do not allow certain breeds, primarily pit bulls.  Commonly, people bring home pit bulls without considering future plans of relocating.  Then, when it comes time to move, they are unable to find housing that allows pitties, or the breed is banned entirely from the community.  Before adopting a dog, make sure the breed is compatible with any relocations you are intending to make in the next 10 – 15 years. Too Much Work Another reason dogs are relinquished is because the...
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