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Product Review: Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Recipe Dog Treats

Choosing the right dog treats for your pet can be difficult.  After all, dog treat quality and manufacturing ethics have come under scrutiny in recent years.  Many dog owners struggle to find high quality treats that are also budget-friendly.  Here, Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Dog Treats will be reviewed. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Dog Treats (hereafter simply referred to as “Zuke’s”) are soft, miniature sized training treats that are made from real rabbit.  Each treat has only 3.5 calories, and they are free from common allergens such as corn, soy, and wheat.  Better yet, these treats are manufactured in the United States. These Wild Rabbit treats are the perfect choice as a high-value reward when training breeds with strong prey drives, such as Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, and Bloodhounds.  The scent of a favorite wild animal is far more enticing for most hunting dogs than peanut butter or chicken-flavored treats. The...
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