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How to Euthanize Your Dog at Home

No dog lover likes to think about saying goodbye the family’s beloved companion. Most don’t even give it thought until the time comes. But, death is a part of life’s cycles, whether we like it or not. Since dogs live much shorter lives than humans, it is something we need to consider when you look to welcoming a dog into your life. When your dog’s health starts to turn, all we can do is to cherish the moments we have spent together and make the dog’s last days on earth as comfortable and easy as possible. Euthanasia is something you need to consider when you have an ill dog that suffers a lot due to its condition. In spite of the treatment it receives, there can be cases when medication won’t help any longer. When the dog is old, weak, can barely eat, and is in pain, you need to...
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Knowing When to Say Goodbye

knowing when to put your dog to sleep
One of the hardest parts of dog ownership is knowing when the time is right to say goodbye.  Whether a sudden illness or old age brings about the inevitable, there is no easy way to ensure you are ready to help your pet cross the rainbow bridge.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest regrets that many pet owners have is that they waited too long to euthanize (put to sleep) a sick or suffering animal.  Listed below are seven signs you should consider when making the difficult decision. Signs To Look For Here are some common signs to look for when it may be time to start the talking with your vet about end of life care. Refusing Food When animals lose interest in food, it is often their way of indicating their time on Earth is ending.  Lack of appetite for food or water is one of the first signs...
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