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Is Your Dog Afraid of Car Rides? Here’s What You Need To Do

Sometimes, the world’s most mundane things can be terrifying to dogs.  Garbage cans, plastic bags blowing in the wind, and stairs are just a few common – yet bizarre – things that have caused dogs to run away in fear.  For most dogs, going for a car ride is a source of extreme happiness.  However, a small subset of canines also find this activity to be terrifying.  Is your dog afraid of car rides?  Here, we will discuss the causes of fear, as well as how you can overcome the problem. Reasons Dogs are Afraid of Car Rides Have you ever wondered why your dog is afraid of simple things?  There are many reasons why a dog develops fear of a person, animal, object, or experience.  Listed here are three of the most common reasons a dog might be afraid of car rides. Unfamiliar with the Experience Dogs – like...
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