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Starting Off On The Right Paw: Some Essentials Part 1

Did you bring home a whole pile of doggie toys, treats and accessories along with your new four-legged friend? My wife and I have definitely bought our fair share of doggy products over the years. In Canada, half the households have pets according to an article from The Globe and Mail news site. In 2012 alone Canadians spent 6.5 billion dollars on our pets. I have seen very cool products from one trade show; engraved dog bowls, pet gates, staircases for small or older dogs to get up on the bed. Now there are even tear proof dog beds. I have even seen doggie strollers. It seems there are more dog toys out on the market then children’s toys when I was growing up. What should you bring home as a new dog owner? The simple answer is whatever you can reasonably afford for your new friend. There is excitement...
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