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Pet Poison Month: Most Toxic Substances for Dogs

  March is pet poison month; do you know which substances are most poisonous to dogs?  Listed here are the top 8 most toxic substances for dogs that are found in your home and yard. Prescription Medicine One of the most toxic substances for dogs that causes numerous problems each year is prescription medication for humans.  Heart medication, blood pressure pills, antidepressants, and pain medication can all be disastrous for canines.  When you are prescribed medication make sure your pills are stored out of reach from your pet and that each dosage is accounted for each day.  Even one small pill can cause serious problems for a small dog. Flea and Tick Products Even though flea and tick products are generally safe for dogs, improper use or ingestion can lead to pet poisoning.  Always make sure you are giving your dog the proper dosage.  In addition, ensure these products are...
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