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Product Review: Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II 18-Volt Handheld Vacuum

A daily battle in most pet friendly households is dog hair.  For us, we seem to find dog hair in the most unlikely places:  in our microwave, in the refrigerator, on the toilet seat, and on our ceiling fans.  Over the past year it has become increasingly clear that my Daredevil handheld vacuum cleaner was no longer able to keep up with the amount of fur my two dogs were shedding.  After a quick online search, I came across the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II 18-Volt Handheld Vacuum and immediately purchased it after reading the raving reviews.  Below is my opinion of this life-changing product.  Shark Vacuums Prior to my desperate internet search, I had never heard of the Shark brand.  I was immediately impressed by the number of positive online reviews.  I specifically wanted a handheld vacuum cleaner that was designed to pick up pet hair.  The fact that...
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