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Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Right for You?

In recent years the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has surged in popularity, thanks to the breed’s adorable antics and interesting looks.  Popular Instagram accounts, such as Ralph the Corgi, have also encouraged the breed’s recent success.  Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi right for you? Temperament Pembroke Welsh Corgis (which are distinct from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi) are highly intelligent dogs that are renowned for their working ability.  They are both affectionate and alert, and make wonderful family companions and watch dogs.  They can be bold, but are kind in their ways. Size, Coloring, and Upkeep Pembroke Welsh Corgis are recognized for their long bodies, erect, triangle-shaped ears, and absence of a tail.  They are small and sturdy dogs, weighing 22 – 31 lbs, depending on sex.  Their coats are short and stiff with the long-coat “fluffy” variation considered a fault.  The American Kennel Club recognizes four colors of Pembroke Welsh Corgi: ...
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