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5 Signs Your Dog May Be Overweight

Approximately 80% of UK vets have described an increase in dog obesity. While most owners are aware of the health risks of dog obesity, only up to 30% of owners admit that their own dog is overweight. To keep your dog in their best shape, here are 5 signs your dog may be overweight. 1.      No visible waist Start by standing over your dog and look down to their waist. Every dog, no matter the breed, should have an hourglass shape, even if it is very slight. Look for a tuck behind the ribs and hips. If you cannot see any clear tuck, then your dog is likely overweight. If there isn’t just an absent tuck, but the waistline projects outwards, then your dog is certainly obese. 2.      Missing abdomen tuck Now, observe your dog from the side. Like the waistline, the abdomen should tuck upwards towards the spine. If...
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