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How to Spot Eye, Nose, and Ear Disorders in Dogs

The most common health issues  – particularly for purebreds – are eye, nose, and ear disorders in dogs.  In many instances, early detection is crucial for preventing worse problems in the future.  Here, how to spot eye, nose, and ear disorders in dogs will be discussed. Ears The most common eye, nose, and ear disorders in dogs are undoubtedly ear infections among dogs.  This is especially true for pets with floppy ears or excessive hair growth.  Cocker spaniels, beagles, Labrador retrievers, and Bassett hounds are among the most likely to suffer from frequent ear infections. The best way to determine whether your dog has an ear illness is to watch his or her behavior.  Excessive head shaking and ear scratching are two telltale signs that your dog’s ears are bothersome.  Next, peer into your dog’s ear with the help of a flashlight.  If the skin appears red and inflamed, an ear infection is...
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