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The New Puppy Checklist! Are You Prepared?

When you bring home a new baby from the hospital, you probably already have a nursery with brightly painted walls, a dresser full of clothes, a crib with cute bed linens and a mobile.  You also will probably already have a bin full of soft, safe plush toys for your little newborn to cuddle.  Bringing home a new dog, at any age, is not really much different.  Your dog will need toys to play with, a place to sleep, his own dishes and and more.  Are you truly, fully prepared to bring home your new furry baby?   It’s So Confusing! Being new dog owners, it can feel very complicated. Don’t become overwhelmed with the vastness of the pet supply market when trying to decide what you need or don’t need for your newest pooch.  If you already know the size and age of your newest family member, picking out...
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