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Starting Off On The Right Paw

I wanted to share an article by one of our readers Matthew. A great companion and friend, a dog can be these things and more in your life. Think of yourself as a new parent. There are numerous things you will need to learn, organize and buy. A dog is much more than just a thing like a new bike or television set. He/she is a living, breathing creature that you will have as a life companion and friend for as many as 7 to 18 years depending on the breed you have chosen. Let’s start at the beginning: when choosing a dog I strongly recommend doing a little research first. This can be as easy as doing a Google search. Do you want a big or small dog? Things to remember, how big is your home or apartment? If you rent, does the landlord allow dogs? Does your backyard...
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The New Puppy Checklist! Are You Prepared?

When you bring home a new baby from the hospital, you probably already have a nursery with brightly painted walls, a dresser full of clothes, a crib with cute bed linens and a mobile.  You also will probably already have a bin full of soft, safe plush toys for your little newborn to cuddle.  Bringing home a new dog, at any age, is not really much different.  Your dog will need toys to play with, a place to sleep, his own dishes and and more.  Are you truly, fully prepared to bring home your new furry baby?   It’s So Confusing! Being new dog owners, it can feel very complicated. Don’t become overwhelmed with the vastness of the pet supply market when trying to decide what you need or don’t need for your newest pooch.  If you already know the size and age of your newest family member, picking out...
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Don’t Be “That Owner” – What You Need To Know Before Getting a New Dog

Thinking about getting a dog? Have the opportunity to rescue a puppy, wanting to buy a toy breed to carry around with you everywhere you go or just decided the kids need one? Rescued or purchased, there are things you need to know to set yourself up for success. See, many people go out and run into a cute little puppy and fall in love at first site. It seems like fate. You think, how couldn’t this cute little thing be just what we need with us? The last thing on your mind is how life really works. I don’t want to bust any bubbles or stop anyone from rescuing any dog (its a great thing!) but some people just don’t think about what they are actually doing at the time. What, you mean puppies chew and will chew on anything they can? They crap in the house, need to...
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