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Jobs for Dogs: Providing Boredom-Busting Activities for your Pet

Dogs behave best when their emotional, physical, and mental needs are fully met.  Many dogs require a job to perform, one which fulfills their original purpose.  For instance, if you own a sled dog breed, your pet will be happiest being given an opportunity to pull.  Specific jobs for all types of dogs are described here. Herding Dogs If your dog is an Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, German Shepherd Dog, Old English Sheepdog, or another breed from the herding group; chances are it has supreme herding skills.  These dogs excel at chasing animals, cars, or kids in an attempt to create order in their doggy brains.  One way to fulfill this need for your pet is to visit an area that is overrun with geese (with the property owner’s permission, of course).  Allow your pet to round up the geese, either off-leash or with the help a check-cord. Companion Dogs...
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