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Should I Clean my Dog’s Food and Water Bowls?

An often overlooked aspect of pet ownership is hygiene.  While you are likely to bathe your dog when required, do you pay attention to the cleanliness of your pet’s everyday items?  A recent study performed by the National Institute of Health found that your dog’s food and water bowls were among the dirtiest objects in the entire household.  Tips for cleaning your dog’s food and water dishes are described here. The Importance of Daily Cleaning When your dog uses her food and water bowls, she leaves behind saliva and food particles that are full of bacteria.  This environment is often the perfect breeding ground for germs such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and the pink slime caused by Serratia Marcesens.  Not only can these bacteria spread to human residents in the household, but dogs that are in close contact with bacteria may develop diseases such as pneumonia. Just as you would...
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