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Canine Pregnancy; Everything You Should Know!

You may have made the big decision to breed your dog, or perhaps you adopted one who may be pregnant. Facing pregnancy in any species can be an overwhelming scenario, but if you are prepared with the basic knowledge you need about your dog’s pregnancy you can help her and your family pass through this special time as stress free as possible! Gestation, how long are dogs pregnant? A lot of people ask the question, how long are dogs pregnant. Surprisingly, there is a lot of misinformation out there. After mating occurs, your female’s eggs will be fertilized by the male’s sperm. Then, gestation happens! This is when the puppies become puppies inside your female’s uterus. Gestation usually takes 63 days on average, but can be slightly shorter or longer. During the first half of the gestation your female can remain her normal daily schedule of exercise and her normal...
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