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Product Review: Gulpy Water Dispenser

Since dogs don’t have an efficient cooling system they require plenty of water when out on a hike, walk, or run during warm weather, in order to avoid overheating.  However, carrying water for your dog can be difficult and cumbersome.  Here, the Gulpy Water Dispenser will be reviewed. The Gulpy Water Dispenser is a 2-in-1 water bottle and water dish for your pet.  It is easy and convenient to use, and has a belt clip that allows for the bottle to be easily attached to a pocket or belt loop.  The bowl component folds against the water bottle, which minimizes the amount of space this product requires.  Simply unscrew the lid (which is attached to the bowl), fill the bottle, and go.  To use the Gulpy, unfold the bowl from the bottle, squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl, and encourage your dog to drink.  The Gulpy’s bowl can even...
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