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Holiday Gift Guide for Dog and Owner

Let the countdown begin.  As of today, you have 25 days to get your presents purchased, wrapped, and safely placed beneath the tree.  While 25 days may seem like a lot of time, Christmas is approaching faster than you think!  Listed here are gift ideas for the dogs – and dog owners – on your holiday shopping list! The first this you want to do is sign up for Ebates. You will find that most online stores offer real cash back through this service. They even have a browser button that will light up if the site your on offers money back. It is as easy as clicking a button. For Dogs Prey Drive Treats, $5 – $10 Does your dog alert you to every rabbit or squirrel within the vicinity?  Provide your dog an extra special high-value reward by gifting treats made of its favorite small animal.  For instance,...
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