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Why Do Dogs Do That: Zoomies Edition

Has your dog ever sprinted around your house, bouncing from chair to couch and back again with an unrivaled amount of energy?  If so, you are not alone in wondering what just happened?  This phenomenon is known as frenetic random activity period (FRAP), otherwise known as the zoomies.  What are zoomies, why do they occur, and how can they be stopped?  All of these questions will be answered here. What are Zoomies? Dogs can develop zoomies at any time, although most dog owners observe them after a bath, when a favorite human has returned home, or after a potty break.  The main characteristics of zoomies are wild bursts of energy where the dog seems to have no concept of its size or strength – or of your furniture and valuables.  While zoomies are completely normal, they can be dangerous for unsuspecting humans, animals, or china collections that are in your...
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