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Help! My Dog Ate _______! What Do I Do?

Dogs explore the world with their noses and mouths, which sometimes means they eat things they should not.  Here, a comprehensive list of common items that are frequently ingested by dogs, as well as what to do in each instance will be discussed. My Dog Drank Alcohol Dogs have a significantly lower body weight than humans and a vastly different metabolism, so even small amounts of alcohol can cause problems in your pet.  Lower-alcohol beverages, such as beer, are less likely to cause harm in your dog; however, hard liquor can be fatal even in small amounts.  Also note that certain pet products like dental sprays can contain a high amount of alcohol (listed as ethyl alcohol), which can become toxic if used in large quantities.  If your dog is experiencing signs of alcohol poisoning, such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, difficulty breathing, or coma you should call the ASPCA Poison...
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Discomforts and unwanted pains that biting pests like ticks and fleas inflict on dogs cannot be overemphasized. In severe cases, when some ticks bite, it can lead to serious illness such as Lyme disease, and also are fleas a carrier of tapeworm. It requires little or no effort to protect your dog, but then, how do you determine the type of repellent that works best for your dog? With varieties of options, like Revolution for dogs and Comfortis, it can be pretty difficult in discerning which medication is just perfect for your dog. It is recommended to use a proven brand when it come to this type of medication. Some can harm your dog more than others. You’ve probably come across few people who recommended either Advantix or Frontline Plus to you, or even heard about both of them. Depending on what pests your pooch is exposed to, her lifestyle,...
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