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Only 5 Calories Per Dog Treat: A Good Option for Maintaining Your Dog’s Weight

If you like to spoil your new dog with treats… …I can relate and understand. Though, I’ve learned too many calories from dog treats add up and pack on the pounds. This happened to our beagle, Rocky. Rationally, weight gain from too many calories makes sense. But watching calories for dogs? It was a new idea to me at the time. This was a lesson I learned from a vet earlier on in Rocky’s life. When I met Matt (now my husband), he supported my desire to help Rocky get more fit. Rocky has since trimmed down and he celebrated 12 years of age this past summer. His weight still fluctuates a little. But Matt and I have a better understanding on how to help him and our other precious beagle, Daisey. One way to maintain a healthy weight for your dog is to watch how many treats your doggy...
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