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Review of Two Dog Breath Fresheners: Pedigree’s Breath Buster versus Ol’ Roy’s Fresh Breath Biscuits

“It smells so minty and healthy.” Those were my thoughts when I first opened the package of Pedigree’s Breath Buster product. I really liked the scent. I later learned the “minty smell” is from the eucalyptus oil ingredient. (The University of Maryland Medical Center states, “Eucalyptus oil is rich in cineole, an antiseptic” which fights bacteria that causes bad breath.) I felt really good about giving our beagles, Rocky and Daisey, such a healthy-smelling treat that also helped give them fresher breath. Now that your new doggy is home, I’m sure you’ve caught a little whiff of his or her breath. In most cases, doggy breath can use a little freshening up. We do brush our dog’s teeth. But not as often as we should. It’s easier to give a rawhide or a breath freshener dog biscuit. Which is why I was first interested in Pedigree’s Breath Buster brand. Then, one...
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