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Product Review: Harness Lead

Leash pulling, harness escaping, and fears of your dog’s leash becoming detached from the collar or harness are all common problems.  Here, the Harness Lead will be reviewed, which overcomes many of these issues. The Harness Lead is an intuitively designed product made from a single piece of exceptionally strong, woven nylon that can withstand up to 37,000 lbs of pressure.  This product is designed to wrap around the dog’s chest in order to eliminate choking and gagging that occur when pressure is applied to the trachea, such as with traditional no-pull products.  The Harness Lead applies pressure based on your dog’s movements, ensuring you never have to violently correct your dog.  Additionally, since the Harness Lead is comprised of one single piece of rope, you never have to worry again about a leash malfunction. The Harness Lead is a great product for anyone whose dog pulls.  Best yet, the...
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