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Is an English Bulldog Right for You?

The quest to find the perfect dog breed for your family can be difficult.  Pet owners should match activity level, space requirements, and trainability with their individual needs.  Listed here are considerations pet owners should make before purchasing or adopting a Bulldog.  Cost English bulldogs are among the most expensive of breeds because of the cost that goes into their health and care.  A well-bred Bulldog will cost $1,500 – $4,000.  Potential Bulldog owners should ask themselves whether they are willing to pay this price, as a poorly-bred Bulldog may be prone to a myriad of serious (and expensive) health problems.  Why is the cost so high?  Part of the reason is that English Bulldogs have a difficult time reproducing.  This breed is known for having an exceptionally wide head and body.  Adult Bulldogs are unable to reproduce naturally, and therefore must be artificially inseminated.  Additionally, it is rare for...
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