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Better than a Gym Membership: What Energetic Dogs Do to Motivate You to Exercise More

“Take me for a walk, instead.” Those appeared to be the thoughts of my beagle when he sat down in front of my Health Walker Plus machine. He refused to leave. I could not use the walker. If I did, the steps on it would bump into him. So I chose to get off of it for his safety.   After numerous occasions of Rocky repeating this behavior I realized I needed to change my exercise routine. I had to get outdoors more with Rocky. Fast forward 12 years – and although I still have my walking machine – Rocky has continually shown me outdoor walks is more fun. It’s more rewarding too. I mean, just look at this smile: If you’re looking for more motivation to stay fit, choosing an energetic dog breed such as the Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Border Collie, or Australian Shepherd – will certainly get you outdoors more....
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