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How to Prepare for Any Canine Emergency

If an emergency were to strike, would you be prepared?  Staying calm and knowing what to do in case of disaster is the first step, and listed below are common emergencies, what you should do, and tips for mitigating the consequences. On the Road Before getting your dog ready for travel, you should prepare a few key items.  First, print off your dog’s veterinary and vaccine records, just in case you need to make an emergency visit to a veterinarian.  Next, ensure your dog’s microchip and tag information are up to date, in case of the unfortunate scenario that you lose your pet.  In addition, be sure to have a recent photo of your dog available. While traveling, it is essential that your pet remain restrained in the car, either in a kennel, with a seat belt, or behind a pet gate.  This not only prevents your dog from distracting...
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