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Making Friends! How to Introduce Dogs To Each Other

As any dog owner can attest, canine introductions can be stressful situations.  If the introduction goes well, the two dogs will become playmates and pals; a bad introduction, however, can be extremely dangerous for both dog and owner.  What many pet owners do not realize is that the outcome of the introduction is highly dependent on how the owners handle their dogs.  Listed below are tips for safely introducing two dogs. Neutral Territory The first step in introducing two unfamiliar dogs is to find neutral territory.  A top mistake among pet owners is to attempt to bring a new dog into another dog’s space, such as the home or yard, and expect no problems to occur.  Dogs are naturally territorial animals, and even the most submissive pet may feel the need to protect its home and family.  The best place to introduce two dogs is in a nearby park or...
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