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Dog Years to Human Years: How Dog Years Work

Dog Years Compared to Human Years A dog’s age times (X) seven is the classic formula for calculating how old a dog is in “human years to dog years.” While this formula is generally accepted, it oversimplifies the lifespan of dogs and misleads owners into thinking that all dogs are the same. Dogs are like children—there is no magic formula. Expecting a magic formula is detrimental to the owner’s expectations of his or her dog, as well as the dog’s short term and long term well-being. That is why I do not put much faith in a dog years to human years chart. Unlike children, however, dogs come in many breeds varying in both shape and size. There are many generalities about the respective breeds, such as illnesses, likes, dislikes, lifespan, and activity that first-time dog adopters use as magic formulas for finding the “perfect breed.” While generalities are generally...
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