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Should You Hire a Dog Walker?

All dogs require exercise, with certain breeds requiring a larger time commitment than others.  However, not all dog owners are able to commit to giving their dogs two 15 – 30+ minute walks per day.  Lack of adequate exercise results in boredom, anxiety, and bad behavior.  Obesity and related diseases can also occur when a dog is improperly exercised.  For these reasons, many dog owners hire dog walkers.  Is a dog walker right for you?  Here, the pros and cons of hiring a dog walker will be discussed.  Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker Saves Time Ultimately, hiring a dog walker saves time for pet owners.  Most dog walkers commit to exercising their canine clients for 30 – 60 minutes per day.  In addition, they typically provide extra services at no charge, such as refilling food and water bowls, bringing in mail, and giving treats.   Fewer Accidents Even adult...
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