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Product Review: PROGENY BB Dog Breeding Supplement

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from increased micronutrient and prebiotic intake, particularly before pregnancy or during lactation.  The same nutrients that help support a healthy pregnancy and puppies can also benefit non-pregnant dogs, particularly if they suffer from inflammatory issues such as arthritis or inflammation.  Here, PROGENY BB Premium Brood Bitch Formula will be reviewed, which is a powder supplement intended for pre-breeding nutrition, when nursing, and for dogs with allergies or arthritis. PROGENY BB Dog Breeding Supplement Progeny BB Dog Breeding Supplement is formulated for the health and well-being of both a female breeding dog and her puppies.  This product is custom manufactured in the United States at Kauffman Animal Health in Lebanon, PA and distributed by Scientific Resources, Inc.  The advantages of PROGENY BB Dog Breeding Supplement include: Increased litter health and fewer failed pregnancies and losses Lactation support Amino acid formula for improved muscle and organ...
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