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Stop the Stink! Getting Rid of That ‘Doggie Smell’

Paws up, mutt lovers – would someone be able to tell if a dog lived in your home, simply by smell alone? We all may love our best doggie friends, but sometimes we don’t realize just how smelly they can be, and although we’re used to a hair or two (or maybe more), most of us would prefer that ‘scent of wet dog’ isn’t the first thing that visitors smell when they walk through our door. In spite of our best efforts and the use of air fresheners, though, sometimes that distinctive odor just won’t leave. What next? Let’s look at a few ways that you can decrease that unappealing ‘unseen presence’. To start with, you want to be quick about cleaning up any messes right away. Young puppies and senior dogs are going to be the biggest culprits when it comes to accidents, so stockpile supplies like old towels,...
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