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Gentle Leader Head Collar Review

If you have or have had a dog, you have probably been through the dreaded pulling stage (or maybe you are one of those unlucky ones whose dog never actually left the pulling stage). You know what I’m talking about- dog is super-duper excitable, can’t control said excitement, and practically pulls your arm out of its socket when on the leash. You may have tried every type of collar from chain/choker style to pronged collars, harnesses and everything in between with no luck. Or you may THINK you have tried every type of collar- have you heard of the Gentle Leader? No? Then if you want your pups pulling to end, read on! The Gentle Leader is an adjustable head collar that works similarly to horse reigns- while a regular neck collar or body harness is used on the most powerful parts of the dog’s body (the neck and the...
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