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Why Muzzle Train? The Top Three Reasons You Should Use a Dog Muzzle

I know – you’ve got the best dog in the world and he doesn’t bite. So why should you bother to train him to wear a dog muzzle? Dog muzzles have been used for centuries. The obvious advantage is to decrease the risk of bites or liabilities when you have a dog that might bite. So isn’t this antiquated gadget pretty useless today? I intend to convince you that not only are dog muzzles still useful in today’s world, but that every dog needs to know how to wear one comfortably and that EVERY dog owner should learn how to teach his dog to do things that are a little uncomfortable at first. Here are the top three reasons for teaching your dog to wear a muzzle: 1. The MOST IMPORTANT reason of all – you should be a competent enough trainer that you don’t have to force a dog...
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