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Best Winter Clothing for Dogs

A common misconception is that dogs don’t require additional protection in the winter due to their fur coats.  While this is true for breeds with thick double coats such as Siberian Huskies and Malamutes, small dogs or those with short coats require an extra layer for trips outdoors.  The best winter clothing for dogs is described here. Boots Paws are especially sensitive this time of year due to ice, snow, cold temperatures, and salt.  If your dog continually hobbles on 3 legs during walks, boots might be the answer. Pawz, $11.69/12 boots These utilitarian dog boots are perfect for the pup that isn’t fussy.  Simply slip these reusable rubber boots over your dog’s paws for instant protection from ice, snow, salt, and cold. Hi-Toppers, $59.99/4 boots Keeping your dog safe and warm is important, but can be difficult when roads are icy.  Hi-Toppers provide superior traction for your dog’s feet,...
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