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Feeding Your Dog

If dogs are your best friends, then you definitely need to feed your best friend the right and safe food. Usually, new dog owners are clueless when it comes to knowing which food suits your pet dog the best way. Indeed, like any other living creature, dogs demand certain essential ingredients to keep them active and healthy. Therefore, as a dog owner, you should be aware what to feed and what not to! Real Food: Chicken, turkey, beef, and vegetables: no, these are not exclusively ‘people food’. In recent times, it has been suggested by the vets and other experts that dogs require these nutritional food items which allows them to develop their physical strength and senses. Therefore, feed them with the necessary food components! Meat is the Real Deal: Recent studies have revealed that real meat is the best food for your dog; nothing else even comes close! But...
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Starting Off On The Right Paw: 13 Types of Dog Food

You have found your new forever dog, a puppy or perhaps a mature dog needing a good home.  I would like to encourage a whole new set of supplies just for your new family member.  One of the very first considerations is the type of food you will be feeding your new dog.  A brief look at the grocery store may suggest dry dog food or wet canned food, simple choice right? There are actually thirteen variations of food that you may choose from.  For many, cost may be limiting in which one you end up choosing.  I would like to run through the list from worst to best options. 13.  Table scraps from human food, with no order or consistency.  This can be raw or cooked foods from your meals and can lead to poor nutritional health for your dog. 12.  Semi-wet pouch food.  The preservatives used to keep...
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Starting Off On The Right Paw: Feeding Tips

You have brought your new little or big friend home and he or she is getting settled in. One of the first things now that you need to do is consider feeding times. There is no set plan that works for all dogs or breeds. You may know friends and family that always leave food out for their dog. The other option is meal time feeding. What is best? There are some considerations when deciding. The terms for the two options are, free-choice feeding and timed feeding. I personally believe in timed feeding, having two times a day and giving a portioned sized meal. This belief and practice comes from our little Beagles, Rocky and Daisey. They are very aggressive eaters which is probably not the best thing. It is like a competition who can eat faster. Free-choice feeding is more suited to a laid back dog or less active...
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