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Canine Coprophagia: Poop Eating (and How to Stop It!)

Yuck – there’s nothing more disgusting than seeing your furry friend eat their own poop, and what makes it even worse is when they come over to you afterwards looking for a great big doggie kiss! So why does your dog do this, and how can you stop this revolting habit? Well, fellow dog lovers – read on to find out. Poop eating (or coprophagia) is the practice of eating stool – for our dogs, this may mean that they chow down on their own poop, their littermate’s, or even the poop of another pet in the house. In certain situations, coprophagia is perfectly normal for our canine companions; mother dogs will clean up their puppies’ feces to keep the nesting area clean and odor free, for instance, and most puppies go through a stage themselves where they naturally investigate everything with their mouths – yes, even poop! Most dogs...
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