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Tips for Choosing a Dog Breeder

Are you considering purchasing a new puppy in 2017?  If you are set on your decision to shop, rather than adopt, you should ensure you are choosing the best breeder possible for your new family member.  This seemingly small decision can mean the difference between a happy and healthy pet or one that is prone to health problems and poor genes.  Tips for choosing a dog breeder are discussed here. Seek Recommendations When choosing a dog breeder seek out recommendations from trusted sources, such as national breed associations and veterinarians.  Always check the breeder’s references, particularly if the kennel is not well-established.  If you cannot find recommendations for a kennel in your area, at the very least ask trusted canine professionals which breeders to avoid. Ask Questions Once you narrow down your list to a few breeders, the next step is to ask plenty of questions.  How, and why, did...
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