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Celebrating Your Dog’s First Year with Your Family: 5 Birthday Tips and Ideas

Vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate paw prints. That’s one dog-themed dessert we had for our (people) guests at our beagles’ birthday party.┬áThe time will come for you too when your dog’s birthday arrives. Will you celebrate? It’s a personal choice. But if you’ve thought of hosting a first birthday party for your dog… or celebrating your adopted dog’s first year with your family… or if the idea is new to you but intrigues you, then, these tips and ideas can help. They’ll help you plan for, and prepare a memorable doggy birthday party. My tips come from hosting our beagle, Rocky’s 10th birthday. Although it was his 10th birthday, it was our first “official” doggy birthday party. Here are five tips and ideas for planning your first doggy birthday party: 1) Pick a calendar date. Spring, summer and autumn are ideal seasons to host a dog birthday party (so your...
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