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Can You Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?; What’s Safe, What’s Not

can you use human shampoo on dogs
Bathing your dog is a must as I’m sure you know. Many people ask, can you use human shampoo on dogs? The answer is that you should not. You don’t have to consult the services of a professional groomer to get your dog clean, but choosing the right kind of shampoo or soap for your dog is essential. The wrong type of shampoo can cause reactions, or dry out your dog’s skin make him itch and develop a bad case of dander. Some shampoos and conditioners are just so harsh that it will literally cause the strands of fur to break off as they become brittle! Find out the best, safest and most useful cleansers before washing your dog with any product! Shampoo When choosing a dog shampoo, always use one labeled for dogs only! You cannot use human shampoo, even baby shampoo on a dog. The reason for this...
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