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Dog Allergies: Is Aqoquel Right for your Dog?

Constant itching, scratching, head shaking, and skin or ear infections are the norm for dogs with severe seasonal allergies.  Not only are these symptoms frustrating for dogs, but they can be aggravating for pet owners as well.  Many veterinarians are touting prescription Apoquel as a miracle cure for allergies.  What are the benefits and side effects of Apoquel, and is this solution right for you and your dog?  These questions, and more, will be discussed.  Photo by: www.lifeinthedoglane.com Allergies in Dogs Dogs experience many of the same allergies as humans, including grass, pollen, mold, weeds, dust mites, and even pet dander.  The main difference is how allergies manifest in dogs.  Instead of sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion, dogs experience a whole-body histamine release.  This reaction causes extreme itching, scratching, and yeast overgrowth.  There are many ways to minimize a dog’s reaction to allergens.  However, not all of them are feasible for...
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Are Your Dog’s Allergies Real?

The sad, hard truth is that veterinarian’s are not qualified nutritionists. They are, however, doctors for our pets to help them, and us out when something goes wrong. When your dog begins scratching, chewing and licking his skin due to irritation, it’s not hard for your chosen vet to assume allergies are the culprit. You may get sent home with a very expensive prescription diet or medications to help with the symptoms. Meanwhile, the underlying problem still is not being addressed to make these symptoms go away completely. You Are What Your Dog Eats Your vet is doing his job when he prescribes these quick fixes for your dog’s allergy problems. However, it takes more than just a vet to bring relief to your pet. You need to take a moment and look at what is causing the histamines in his body to flare up and make him so uncomfortable...
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